Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The hunting journey of carnivores, especially those that hunt in groups, having a professional and agile organization is an indispensable thing. Hunting animals not only need to have a proficiency in hunting, but also have more ruthlessness and courage in hunting.

Animals that hunt in groups will have the advantage of having support in the hunting process. But if that combination doesn’t work, it’s only natural that they have to accept a failed ending. So between individuals in a herd of hunting animals, there will always be cohesion and mutual understanding.

Wild dogs are also an animal with that connection. They are not large in size and of course have less attack power than many species, but they are still a scary name for the animals living in the area. The combination of mastery and no gap is what makes that impact.

The jackals this time wanted to hunt wildebeest. Regardless of their body size or speed, they could hardly gain an advantage, but they could still win. That is the power of solidarity, of coordination and mutual understanding. The video has attracted more than 7M views on Youtube:

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