Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The images of the wild natural world that we see realistically and most closely are recorded by a professional team. Those videos can’t be shot in a short period of time and can be shot immediately if you want, but it has to go through a long time and a long process to get results.

The animals in the forest are less and less due to the change in habitat. In order to raise people’s awareness through each generation, the authorities have taken many measures to propagate and educate. They show us the real life of the animals so that we understand that they too are struggling to fight and survive every day.

Animals living in artificial environments do not need to worry about food sources. But living in an artificial environment will make them gradually lose their inherent instincts and become more vulnerable to the change of the environment.

Animals living in the natural environment are not like that. They have a wild and brutal nature to fight with other species. They must learn instincts from a very young age to survive. However, they are also just small animals that are suffering the consequences of climate change caused by humans and they can not do anything. Therefore, people are trying to correct mistakes by educating the next generation to understand and join hands to protect this life. The video has attracted nearly 900K views on Youtube:


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