Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Buffalo is a very easy species to fall into the new sight of the meat -eating animals. They will often go into herds to minimize the dangers from other animals. They should not wander alone in the forest because if a hungry animal goes alone, if they are lucky they can escape.

But if you have been alone, a whole of lions are targeted by a flock of lions, their ability to survive is completely not. Even when traveling with the flock, the buffaloes were easily killed by a lion without rescuing. So, when a whole flock of lions attacked, the escape was like miracles. They can only hope they die less painful.

A solitary buffalo was attacked by the Lion. The lions climbed on it and bite the buffalo extremely brutally. It was so barbaric that it left the big wounds on the back of the buffalo even though the buffalo skin was very thick. There is even a deep wound like a hole on its back.

The buffalo struggled and fled. He wanted to let himself like that, not being eaten by lions and died in pain. But the lions knew it was no longer able to protest, so they followed and attacked violently into the buffalo. And eat raw as it is as scared. The video has attracted more than 100k views on YouTube:

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