Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The hunting lion attacks a hedgehog. But in the end, it had to let go of its prey with its legs and mouth deeply embedded in porcupine feathers.

Hedgehog has an extremely powerful weapon that is the sharp fur that grows all over its body. When attacked by a lion, it launched sharp feathers at the enemy.

The lion is an animal in the Lion family (Panthera leo) in the order Carnivora (Carnivora). The lion is the largest mammal in the cat family. They have large, powerful bodies, especially large ears and sharp teeth for cutting food. Female lions are usually smaller and lighter than male lions, and they are usually in charge of hunting. Lions live in Africa, with the exception of some groups of extinct or extremely rare Asian lions. They usually live in herds, with a male lion and several female lions, and often hunt by attacking wild animals such as rhino horns, buffalo, and elephants.

The feathers when plugged into the legs, mouth, … lions, and the small spines at the tips of the hairs will penetrate deep into the wound, breaking the blood vessels, and causing the lion to falter.


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