Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The porcupine is a species of mammal, in the family Erethizontidae, found in the Americas from southern Canada to Argentina. Hedgehogs average 60 to 90 cm in length and weigh between 4 and 18 kg, depending on the species.

Hedgehogs have thick fur and spikes on their backs, which are a defensive move against predators. When in danger, hedgehogs can curl up and reveal their sharp spikes to intimidate predators or predators.
Hedgehogs are herbivores and can eat more than 30 different types of plants in the wild. Meanwhile, hedgehogs are also an important source of food for humans in some lands, especially in Native American cultures.
According to the content of the video, a large hedgehog was wandering by the river when it was suddenly ambushed by lions.

Immediately the predators surrounded the hedgehog and tried to attack it. In front of “cold-blooded” predators, the hedgehog still confidently rushes into battle.

A few minutes later, realizing that this was difficult prey, the lions had to give up.


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