Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The lion is an animal that hunts in groups. They are bloodthirsty animals and desire ultimate power. The fact that they constantly hunt and kill other animals not only so that they can survive, but after each success, their position in that place is one level higher, becoming more and more fear of the species. other animals.

When the animals discover that the lions are in their area, they do not need to know whether they are the target of the lion’s attack or not, but they will quickly leave there. That is one of the survival instincts of herbivores in particular and prey in general.

These zebras are no exception. Their fear of these bloodthirsty animals is only a matter of course after the tragedies they have suffered from other predatory animals. These zebras are also running for their lives.

The zebra species will panic and try harder to escape when they find themselves the target of the lions’ attack. The lions will usually only attack one target so as not to be distracted when the prey runs away. The video has attracted more than 28M views on Youtube:


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