Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

A video of a life-and-death fight between a lioness and an elephant was recorded by a tourist in Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe.

Tourists were amazed to see the moment the lioness jumped on the body, biting on the head to try to bring down the elephant. However, the size of the elephant’s head is so large that the lion can only bite the elephant’s ear.

The elephant continuously howled in pain but also used all his strength to fight off the predator, trying to push the lion out of his body.

The battle for survival between lions and elephants has turned into a contest of strength. In the end, the lioness seemed to have been exhausted so she could not continue to cling to the body of her prey. Elephants took advantage of this opportunity, using their trunks to push the predator away and immediately ran away.

Exhausted after the fight, the lioness also gave up and did not chase the elephant.

After a failed hunting attempt, the lioness accepted to leave and started a new hunt to find food.

The elephant appearing in the clip is just an immature young elephant, so it has not yet gained full strength. Elephants are herd animals and are very social, in which young elephants will be carefully protected by adults from predators.

However, in many cases where the mother elephant dies or for some other reason the baby elephants stray from the herd, the baby elephants can become the target of fearsome predators in the savanna such as lions, hyenas, or elephants. African wild dog…

However, to be able to defeat elephants, even with immature elephants, it is necessary to have the cooperation of a whole herd of lions. An individual lion, no matter how strong, cannot defeat an elephant alone. It seems that the lioness in this case was too hungry or underestimated the strength of the young elephant, so she tried to attack but failed.

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