Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Lions have always been very dangerous animals. Even a fully armed human would be scared to see a scorpion. Another danger is that the lions are still alive and hunting in packs. Being attacked by a pack of lions, returning safely is entirely dependent on the luck of the prey.

Buffaloes are one of the favorite prey of lions. Buffalo has a large size, although the resistance is great, one buffalo is enough for a large herd of lions to eat for a whole day. Therefore, if the buffalo is unlucky to fall into the sight of the lions, it must try its best and must rely on luck to be able to escape death.

There are two buffalos looking for a source of water to cool off on a hot day. The two were walking through a dry forest, but for some reason, they stopped. But then, perhaps because they didn’t detect any danger, they continued their journey.

The buffalo following behind seemed not at ease, but continued to observe. The buffalo’s senses were not wrong because there were lions watching them. A lion had come forward and stood right behind the buffalo, but it still hadn’t noticed. And it took a while for the buffalo to realize the presence of a whole herd of lions and run away. The lions, of course, will not easily ignore the buffalo but immediately chase. The video has attracted more than 200K views on Youtube:

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