Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Leopard is a predator. They can hunt both during the day and at night. And at night, their hunting ability is even more terrifying. The ability to see in the night inherited from the characteristics of the species combined with the ability to hide in the night makes them more fearsome of the jungle.
Nocturnal hunting trips always go very smoothly because it is difficult to see one who has hidden in the dark. Therefore, their ability is raised to a higher level when night falls.
A leopard caught such prey in the dark. And when discovered, it was found that the leopard carried the carcass to a high tree to enjoy its meal because it knew it was not only the hunter in the night, it had to find a safe place. for yourself and for meals.
And as it expected, the bloodthirsty beasts quickly sniffed the smell of blood and crept right under the tree where it was. There was a leopard and two hyenas that came to take food with it.

But hyenas can’t climb trees, especially tall trees like that. So this leopard’s direct enemy is now just another leopard.
The other leopard quickly climbed the tree and started the fight for food between the two leopards. The hyenas are still waiting under the tree to wait if any food falls.

The two cheetahs were still in a tug-of-war at first, and this leopard kept most of its food. But when the other leopard attacked suddenly. The other leopard after the attack was knocked down from the tree by this leopard. But unfortunately the prey it had worked so hard for was also dropped from the tree.

Fast as lightning, the hyenas took their prey in their mouths and ran away in the panther’s regret. The video has attracted more than 50K views on Youtube:


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