Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

Wild dogs are animals that live and hunt in packs. Wild dogs have a long history of living and hunting together, so they work well together. Their ability to attack and kill their prey is not perfect, but the coordination is a mutual compensation between the individuals in the herd.

Wild dogs work together to make up for their not-so-large weakness or great strength when taking down large prey. Large animals usually will not like to confront animals that hunt in groups because the probability of victory will not be high.

The wild dogs this time also use their pack fighting ability to attack a warthog. The warthog knew that he was not likely to win if he faced a pack of wild dogs, so he quickly ran to find its den and hid there. But how can wild dogs ignore that?

Wild dogs dug up the warthog’s burrow, leaving him with nowhere to run. The warthog can only appear to try to drive away the stray dogs. But due to overwhelming numbers, wild dogs are not only fearless, but also attack more violently. The video has attracted nearly 1.5M views on Youtube:


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