Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

The cubs are protected and cared for by their mother until their mother feels they are ready for hunting trips and a solitary life. Their first hunts are always watched by their mothers from afar. But there are some hunts it happens very randomly and the leopard has to manage its own prey.
During a walk, the cub saw a lizard feeding on the road. The cub wanted to try and practice what his mother taught him, so he challenged himself to go hunting this time.

The cub practices as it has learned to slowly approach its prey from behind. Quiet and careful. The lizard saw the cub, but it probably saw that the cub was too young, not threatening, so he didn’t intend to run away. It kept using its tail to “slap” the cub in the face with the intention of driving it away

But the leopard wanted to challenge himself, how could he give up so easily. It still managed to get closer even though it received repeated painful slaps from the lizard. After approaching for a while, it got close enough and lightning fast, it caught the lizard.


The leopard cub successfully caught the lizard, it was very happy, quickly brought the captured prey to show it to its mother. The video has attracted nearly 1M views on Youtube:

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