Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Between elephants and lions there is always an ambiguity of status. Although the lion is the strongest species, when a lion confronts an elephant, their probability of victory is not too high. Elephants rely on their large size to make it difficult and time-consuming in their battles with scheming and cruel lions.

Elephants and lions are both herd animals. Although they don’t always go with a large group, when an individual goes against a pack it is extremely difficult. But both lions and elephants will be wary of wars of the two species, whether they are large or not.

Elephants are usually gentler in nature, so the lions, because they want to challenge themselves as well as kill a large prey, they will attack first. At such times, the elephants will protest and are completely legitimate self-defense. Although the lions may be injured or killed, that is the price to pay for daring to challenge the giant elephant.

Elephants, whether they win battles or not, will be injured by the lion’s vicious and brutal attacks. Therefore, when the elephants confront the lion, they will try to chase the lion or leave the fight as quickly as possible so as not to injure themselves too badly. The video has attracted more than 100K views on Youtube:

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