Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Lions are not always too fond of hyenas. The hyenas appear to the lions as potential dangers that cannot be eliminated. Hyenas are sensitive to everything around them and they know when to retreat to preserve their forces. Therefore, even if the lion wanted to, it would not be possible to completely eliminate this dangerous species from the side.

The hyenas are always lurking so they can take the opportunity to attack the lions at any time. The lions of course also won’t let the hyenas get in the water so they often counterattack and teach the hyenas the consequences of daring to tease them.

But the hyenas still didn’t give up. The hyenas love to tease lions. Even though they beat them to run away every time, the bad habit still couldn’t be stopped. And because of that bad habit, a lion decided to play bad with them once again so that they would understand how bad playing against another species would be.

A lion hid in the bushes and deliberately made a movement to get the hyenas to come closer. Just when the hyenas couldn’t determine what was inside, the lion rushed out like an arrow. This action not only successfully scared the hyenas but also scared the tourists nearby. The video has attracted more than 400K views on Youtube:

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