Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The hunts of wild animals will always bring their own brutality and fear. It can be brutal in the process of hunting or, more terrifying, in the process of killing the prey. These animals all eat raw meat, so the fact that they eat their prey is also very scary and brutal.

In the process of hunting for an animal is always an indispensable need of life. With carnivores, if they are not cruel to other species, they are the next victims of starvation. Carnivores and herbivores living together are inherently a perfect and unchangeable arrangement of nature.

However, we will still feel fear with wild carnivores. The hyenas are also one of the species that scare us. These animals even eat their prey while they are still alive and are begging for their lives.

This buffalo was caught by two hyenas and ripped open. It also perceives and feels that pain very well and can do nothing but let out cries of supplication. The hyenas have heard these sounds so many times in their lives that they still eat and drink, because before taking care of other species, they have to survive first. The video has attracted nearly 2M views on Youtube:

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