Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Leopards are solitary animals, rarely seen in groups except for the mother-child relationship. Leopards are also highly territorial, so when other cheetahs enter their territory, there is a high chance that a war of sovereignty will break out. Or maybe a leopard is too hungry to hunt for prey that comes up with the idea of ​​wanting to steal food from another leopard and the fight will also break out.

The fight below is unknown for any reason, but the two leopards dragged each other to the street to fight. The battle blocked a section of traffic because both to avoid “manslaughter” of the leopards and also to be able to witness the scene.

Two cheetahs fight for survival. Both try to attack the opponent’s weak point. They use their front legs to hold their necks and attack with their sharp teeth. They are all notorious hunters, so their attack power and defense are indispensable.
But every war must have a win-lose. After a while of fighting and struggling, the battle came to an end. There was a leopard that was exhausted and could not continue to fight.

The lost leopard was bitten on the neck by the other one and carried away to another place. It is not known whether the other leopard became its meal or not, but this battle is over and the leopard’s ability is confirmed. The video has attracted nearly 2M views on Youtube:

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