Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

A giant python swallowed a baby crocodile, but it was resisted by the animal, leading to an unexpected end.
Accordingly, a video recently shared on social networks shows a giant python attacking a baby crocodile on the shore. Because this species is not poisonous, the python must use its large body to wrap and squeeze its prey.

Immediately after, the python opened its mouth and swallowed the baby crocodile.

According to scientists, when attacked, the crocodile’s heart rate is so low that they go into a coma but not enough to cause it to die.

After eating the entire prey, the crocodile suddenly struggled, its power can destroy the python’s internal organs. As a result, the crocodile used its head to pierce the belly of this animal.

The video shows that the crocodile’s head has passed through the body of the predator, but the rest of it is still inside the belly of this giant python. Although the crocodile could not save its life, it also caused the python to follow his fate, like a fairy tale of our country “God died also”.

Pythons can swallow large prey such as deer and crocodiles. This is possible because their mouths have super stretchy skin and mobile jaws, only loosely connected to a ligament that allows them to open their mouths many times wider to swallow their prey whole.

Especially the Burmese pythons can open their mouth more than 6 times compared to their counterparts of the same size. Notably, its high fertility, rapid sexual development, and long lifespan make it difficult to control.

At the same time, the Burmese python is a threat to wildlife, especially mid-sized mammals.

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