Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

A hedgehog with experience in dealing with predators uses its back full of thorns to threaten a herd of lions in a South African park.
Hennie Bekker, director of travel agency Private Kruger Safaris, witnessed a confrontation between a herd of lions and a lone porcupine in Kruger National Park in northeastern South Africa, Latest Sightings reported yesterday. Seven hungry male lions spotted the porcupine in the lagoon while looking for food. They surround the large rodent in the middle but are shocked to find a way to kill their prey in the blink of an eye.

Adult hedgehogs have been the target of lions for many years. With its back covered with sharp spikes, the hedgehog knows how to defend itself. It erected its spikes, made a loud rubbing sound, gritted its teeth, and crawled across. It also swings its 25-centimeter-long tail full of spikes at its enemies, ready to injure or even kill lions.

For the young lions, this is probably the first time they have faced a hedgehog at close range. The lions occasionally swung their claws but quickly recoiled when the soft cushions under their feet touched the group’s sharp spikes. After about two minutes, the lions realized that they shouldn’t risk their thorns hitting them. In the end, they all retreated and went elsewhere to hunt for food.

“We suddenly heard a commotion and when we looked around to find the source of the sound, we saw seven young lions trying to corner a hedgehog. It was interesting to see that the whole group of lions did not. can get the upper hand because the clever hedgehog turns its back on them all the time. The lions realize they can’t come forward and the hunt is over. Then they go off to drink water and disappear into the darkness.” Becker recounted.

Hedgehogs can grow up to a meter long and weigh nearly 16 kilograms. The lions of inexperienced hunters don’t know that all they need to do to turn the hedgehog into a meal is turn it upside down. “The problem is that if the lions have never met a porcupine, they won’t know how to kill their prey. They just turn the hedgehog upside down or turn it upside down. The lower part of the porcupine’s belly doesn’t have any spikes, but the hedgehog does. This one clearly has experience dealing with predators before, so it’s not easy to hunt. We were lucky to see the scene,” a guide shared.

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