Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Waterbuck is a hoofed animal in the antelope family. They are of course also herbivores and are often the prey of other animals. They have thick and rather ruffled fur that makes their body look larger. They are also a small link in the food chain of many other carnivores.

Waterbuck is not very large in size and is more often the prey of large pack animals such as hyenas and wild dogs. And wild dogs love to pack and attack waterbucks in chases. Due to their limited strength, it is very difficult for them to defeat brutal wild dogs.

These feral dogs discovered and attacked two waterbuck mother and daughter who were feeding. Both waterbucks are targets because wild dogs have the advantage of strength and numbers. With large numbers, it is very easy to divide into two groups to attack both mother and child.

But it’s not quite that easy. The waterbuck mother and daughter were quick-witted and ran to a large lake nearby to jump in. Wild dogs will not arbitrarily enter water areas for fear of angering the animals living there. And thanks to that, the mother and daughter waterbuck successfully preserved their lives. The video has attracted nearly 200K views on Youtube:

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