Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

According to Newsflare, on February 1, the king cobra crawled through a small gap between the wall and roof to hunt a pet bird that was raised behind a resident’s house in Phatthalung province, Thailand.

But, before the snake could catch its prey, a family member spotted it curled up around the rafters and called the rescue team for help.
The clip shows the venomous snake wrapping its long body around a pole connected to a makeshift clothesline. It and the rescuers had a fierce struggle until the snake was removed from the house. The head of the snake is fastened with a noose so that it cannot open its mouth and bite.

Sermsak Chusang, a witness to the incident, said: “The neighbor’s pet bird was kept in the back. We thought it was trying to eat the poor little bird. This is the longest snake we’ve ever seen here.”

As can be seen in the clip, because the snake was so long, the volunteers pulled its head out of the house but more than half of its body was still wrapped around the pole.

One of the lifeguards said: ‘The cobra was a female and went through the roof. It was released back into the forest away from the community.”

No one was hurt, but the homeowner Rokaya Maimad, 48, said she would start fixing holes in her home to make it safer from wildlife intruders.

“If that big snake exists, who knows if it has siblings or parents hanging around our village,” she said.

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