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The wild boar is a mammal of the pig family, living in the forests and lowlands of Asia and Africa. They are also known as Asian wild boar or Indian wild boar. Wild boar has a large body, weighs 50-300 kg, usually has thick hair and is dark brown or black.

Thanks to the bravery and aggressiveness, the wild boar had a fierce counterattack that made the two lions give up after the confrontation.
While wandering in search of food, a wild boar was caught in the sights of two lions. Instead of turning to run away, the wild boar decided to turn back to confront the predator.

Even when the enemy rushed to attack, the wild boar turned to a fierce counterattack, causing the lion to be wary. It can be seen that the wild boar hunting this time is not favorable for the two newly grown lions. In the end, they were forced to give up.

Wild boar, scientific name Sus scrofa, is a fast-breeding species and lives in groups. They have gray-brown striped fur and weigh up to tens to hundreds of kilograms.

This animal has two large, hard and sharp fangs. This is a powerful weapon that helps them to defend themselves and fight enemies. When in danger, wild boar often chooses to be silent to diversion, if not, shout loudly to intimidate the enemy and quickly run into the deep forest, but rarely attack. Only when they are on the same road or in pain do they become aggressive, ready to fight madly.

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