Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

In the clip, an adult tiger is gripping the neck of an Indian wild boar. It uses its front paws with large claws to grip its prey. Attacked by the predator, the pig squealed and tried to find a way to escape. At the end of the clip, it is not clear whether the wild boar can escape or not. However, encountering a formidable opponent like a fierce tiger, it is difficult for wild boar to keep alive.

Parashar said the predator in the video is a tigress named Noor Tigress T-39. It gave birth to several litters between 2012 and 2016.

Wild boars are fast-reproducing and herd animals. They have two large, hard, and sharp fangs. This is a powerful weapon that helps them to defend themselves and fight enemies.

When in danger, wild boar often chooses to be silent to diversion, if not, shout to intimidate the enemy and quickly run into the deep forest, but rarely attack. Only when they are on the same road or in pain do they become aggressive, ready to fight madly?

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