Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The rabbit is a mammal of the family Leporidae and the order Lagomorpha. Rabbits are small animals with long ears, slender legs, and short tails. Rabbits are distributed worldwide, living mainly in forests, grasslands, deserts, and grasslands.
The weasel bit the rabbit almost to death when suddenly the referee appeared to save the white rabbit’s life.
Although the size is many times larger than the mink, the white rabbit can only lie still and endure the battle. The weasel bit the back of the white rabbit’s neck and pinned it to the ground. The white rabbit could only struggle in despair.

Just when the weasel was about to circle the front of the neck to end the life of the white rabbit, a referee suddenly appeared. It’s a dog. The domestic dog rushes into the middle of the fight to stop the weasel from killing the white rabbit. The ferret panicked for a moment and was nowhere to be seen. The dog tries to chase the ferret but to no avail. However, the timely intervention of the domestic dog saved the white rabbit’s life.

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