Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

The hyena is one of the most cunning creatures in the natural world. The clip below is a clear example of that.
The hyena is one of the formidable predators on the African savannah, with the ability to coordinate well between members of the herd. However, this animal is also very famous for its cunning and wisdom.

The clip was recorded by a tourist in Kruger National Park (South Africa) which clearly shows the cunningness of hyenas. The clip shows the moment an African rock python has caught a small antelope and is using its muscular strength to wrap tightly to kill the prey before eating. At the same time, a hyena wandering nearby silently approached the African rock python from behind. Taking advantage of the opportunity when the African rock python was having to gather strength to squeeze the prey, the hyena quickly rushed to and pulled the antelope out of the python’s grip, then quickly ran away with the “warrior”. Products”.

In the end, the hyena was able to get a meal without having to go hunting, while the African rock python seems to still be bewildered when it loses the meal right in front of its mouth. Like other python species. The African rock python is a non-venomous reptile, with an adult body size that can reach nearly 4m, weighing from 44 to 55kg. African rock pythons kill their prey by squeezing, causing the prey to stop breathing or break bones leading to death. The African rock python is considered the largest snake in Africa.

The African rock python is a very aggressive species, ready to attack and eat animals larger than its body such as antelope or crocodiles… The African rock python even attacks humans and even has recorded cases of this python eating children. Some tribes in African countries have called the African rock python “cannibal python”.

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