Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Hyenas and zebras are inherently hunter-prey relationships. And of course, in normal battles, hyenas are the workers and the zebras are the prey. The wars take place no matter how many times, almost the position of both will not change and that is the law of nature, which not only one generation of any species can break.

Of course, there will come a time when the prey becomes a hunter and the species that is a hunter will struggle, running away like petty prey. When animals are really angry, their most primitive instincts arise, becoming a hunter seems to be an easy thing.

A hyena has blatantly entered the area where the zebras are grazing in search of prey. But perhaps today a zebra’s mood is not so good. Not only was it unafraid to see the hyena, but it also chased after the hyena as if it wanted to vent its anger on the opponent.

Neither the hyena nor the other zebras could understand why the zebra was so angry today. But under the quick reflexes, the hyena promptly ran away as soon as it saw signs of instability of the zebra. And also very quickly turn around to continue attacking it. The

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