Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

Zebras are animals that live in groups. The number of animals in the herd can be up to thousands or tens of thousands. Movements across rivers will give us a clearer picture of the number of animals in that herd. They can cover an entire area both on the shore and in the water when gathered together.

Living in groups has been their habit for a long time. They create swarms for self-defense to increase their survivability. Hungry animals can only attack there and rely on luck to catch their prey.

A lioness is stalking a zebra in a large herd. The other lions went to another side to attack. But due to the uncoordinated attack, the zebras scattered and caused chaos. The lioness again stood in the same position as her hunting position. The escape nearly caused it to be trampled to death.

The lion, trying to save his life under thousands of steps of the zebra, could not catch any zebras. Although he tried to get up to catch the zebra, he was quickly knocked down by the zebras. But fortunately the other lions succeeded in hunting the prey so it was given a share and did not have to go hungry. The video has attracted nearly 200K views on Youtube:

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