Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

A female leopard after an ambush attempt captured the small antelope. It was preparing to “slaughter” its prey when a formidable enemy appeared, destroying the perfect breakfast that the female leopard had not yet enjoyed – It was the hyena.

Dubbed the “gangster of the grasslands”, hyenas are known to be the most greedy and cunning carnivores in Africa.

Despite having strong jaws and ruthless attacks, hyenas rarely actively hunt, they often follow lions and leopards to wait for the “hunters” to finish hunting to “raise the upper hand”.

This “scenarios” is not unusual when a hyena, after observing the leopard knocking down the antelope, it wanders over and quickly chases the leopard.

At this point, the gazelle knows that speed will not help it escape from two formidable enemies. It lies dead and witnesses the scene of two enemies fighting each other for prey.

The impala is an animal of the antelope family, distributed mainly in Africa. They are known for their fast movement speed and ability to jump high to avoid predators.

The impala has an average length of 120 to 160 cm and a height of 80 to 95 cm. They have fine hair and are reddish brown or grayish brown, with white markings along their body to help them hide in dense grass. In particular, the male has curved horns with a length of about 50 cm and can be twisted together like a human face.

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