Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

Antelope is the common name for several species of animals in the family Bovidae, including the African antelope and the Asian antelope. They vary in size and shape depending on the species, but are generally known as animals with long, slender horns, often used for defense or hunting.

Antelopes usually live in plain or sandy areas, often eating grass and other plants. Antelope species can live independently or in groups, depending on the species and habitat. They can move quickly and jump high to avoid predators or to find food.

The clip, taken by a tourist in Kruger National Park (South Africa), shows the moment a herd of wildebeest is running across the lawn without noticing a leopard lurking under the tops. tall grass.

When he saw the mother and baby antelope running in front of him, the leopard waited for the mother antelope to pass before jumping to attack the young.

The mother antelope, when she realized that her baby was attacked by a leopard, immediately returned, trying to use her horns to fight the predator to find a way to rescue her baby.

Unfortunately, the mother’s strength is not enough to help the mother antelope save her baby. The image at the end of the clip shows the leopard dragging the baby antelope to prepare a delicious meal.

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