Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

The buffalo is a mammal, found in many areas of the world, including Africa and Asia. Wild buffalo are usually larger than domestic buffalo and have a characteristic dark brown coat. They are herbivores and are commonly found in forests, mangroves, or swamps. The wild buffalo is often assessed as an endangered species.

The terrifying attack of an African elephant was recorded by two visitors in Kruger National Park, South Africa, Daily Star reported on March 7. The video opens with a scene of buffalo trying to run away from a much larger opponent. When it realized it couldn’t escape, it had no choice but to face the angry elephant.

The African elephant goes straight to the buffalo and uses its tusks to skewer the victim’s body. Not stopping there, the giant gray elephant lifted the buffalo and threw it to the ground. Finally, it stabs the buffalo with all its body weight to finish off the opponent before retreating.

“This scene is terrible. So the buffalo’s life was taken,” one of the two guests exclaimed with fear.

The video attracted more than 8.3 million views when posted on YouTube. “The scene is interesting. The elephants are scary when angry”, one viewer commented.

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