Fri. Jun 2nd, 2023

A dramatic video recorded in Masai Mara National Park (Kenya) shows the harshness of nature that spares no one, especially newborn babies.
The video is the story of the fate of a baby giraffe when it was only a few hours old.

According to Don Heyneke, a professional photographer who also recorded the video, giraffes need about 10 hours to get used to the outside environment. During this time, they cannot move skillfully, and even more, cannot run away when encountering predators.

However, the giraffe was unlucky when it was discovered by a lion, along with a pack of hungry hyenas.

Despite the protective efforts of the mother and other adults in the herd, the baby deer was cornered by the lion to a cliff, where it unfortunately fell and lay motionless. Immediately, the lion rushed down, grabbed the prey in distress, and began to drag it to a safe place. As if the ill-fated baby deer would become a meal for the hungry lion, suddenly the mother deer appeared. appeared, rushed to, and sacrificed himself to protect the baby deer.

Witnesses said this “life and death battle” lasted for more than an hour and in the end, the lioness gave up.

The baby deer was also able to get up and survive thanks to its strength and determination not to give up.

The giraffe is a mammal of the family Deer, found in Asia. They are named after the shape of their long necks and slim waists, along with their considerable height compared to other deer species. Giraffe is also known as Jura Deer or Javan Deer.
Giraffes are about 2-3 meters tall and weigh about 500-600kg. They have necks up to 2 meters long, which makes it easy for them to reach tall leaves in the forest to eat. The giraffe’s fur is brown or gray and has white horizontal stripes on the neck and legs. They live mainly in humid mountain forests, often living alone or in pairs.

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