Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Dubbed the “lord” of the steppe, but sometimes lions also show fear when faced with animals bigger and stronger than themselves…
The “forgettable” moment of a lioness was captured by surveillance cameras at Balule Nature Reserve (South Africa), showing a lioness lounging beside a lake, resting and enjoying warmth from the sun, suddenly an elephant approached to drink water.

Considered “the lord of the steppe”, but the lioness knows that she is no match for an adult elephant, which surpasses the lion in both size and strength.

When she saw the elephant approaching, the lioness showed fear and panic, hid behind the well to prevent the elephant from seeing her. At first, the elephant was also a little surprised and stopped. when he saw a lion appear by the well. However, the elephant then regained his confidence, going to the well to drink water. Not stopping there, the elephant suddenly used its trunk to hurl water towards the lion.

Apparently, lionesses can find themselves unwelcome by elephants. With no other choice, the “lord of the steppe” immediately fled to avoid an unequal clash. When seeing the lion running away, the elephant continuously roars and chases to show aggressive attitude.

There was no clash between the two animals, however, the elephant showed the lion that not all animals on the savannah would accept submission to the “lords”.

Elephants are the largest and strongest animals living on land. With the advantage of appearance and strength, adult elephants always make other animals, including lions, be wary and find ways to hide when confronting.

Elephants are only threatened by lions in the event of straying from the herd and being surrounded by large numbers of lions to attack. An individual lion, no matter how strong, cannot defeat an elephant alone.

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