Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023

History and internal battles are never ending topics. They will often come into conflict with each other for many different reasons, but perhaps the biggest reason is their instinct to protect their territory. As soon as one or a few lions entered their area, whatever the reason, the lions would attack first to take the initiative in this fight.

A male lion has come to “communicate” with two lions who are staying to take care of their territory. The lion did not know what to do, but entering their territory so defiantly, the lions could not yield and quickly rushed to beat the insolent lion.

Even if the lion is beaten, he will not give up and fight back. It tried to fight back but was unsuccessful in the two-on-one battle. The male lion couldn’t fight back, but he didn’t give up either. It continuously let out a growl as if to warn the two lions that were hitting it.

When the two lions heard that, they became even more angry. In their own area, but dare to brag and be unruly, they will hit harder. Later, two more lions returned as if to “change shifts” for the other two lions, when they caught this scene. The male lion saw that the enemy was getting more and more crowded, he quickly dodged his body and ran away. The video has attracted more than 150K views on Youtube


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