Sun. Dec 10th, 2023

The lion is an animal that loves to hunt buffalo. They are extremely suitable animals for animals that need to be active like lions. Their large size as calves, often away from large herds, and lions have grasped the weakness to be able to easily take down a buffalo even when they are adults.

Buffaloes live in herds but they often go quite far away from the individuals in the herd. Hunting animals will often attack those individuals who prefer to go alone. As long as the speed is fast enough and the attack is brutal enough, it is very easy to take down a single beast.

The same is true for this lion’s attack. The lion had calculated carefully and selected the prey very carefully. But the lion forgot to calculate the distance between its prey and its pack. Therefore, the lion just had time to rush up and control the prey, the other buffaloes had time to run to rescue their fellows.

The lion did not dare to act recklessly, but he also refused to let go of the buffalo. After a while of struggling, other buffaloes also gathered there to force the lion to leave. In front of nearly 2,000 buffalos staring at it, if it still refuses to let go of the other buffalo, it will surely be trampled to death by the buffalo herd. The video has attracted more than 46M views on Youtube:


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